“gamehawks for the modern Falconer”

Our Facility

Here at Armthorpe Falcons we pride ourselves on the Breeding Facility we have built…


All our falcons are provided with the highest quality diet available, primarily fresh killed prime Quail supplemented with Pigeon and Pheasant.

All our young falcons are reared solely on fresh prime Quail from hatch to fledging; we believe this is essential for producing falcons in outstanding physical condition.


All our larger falcons have a period of several weeks in our large hack pen, this provides the early muscle development, flying experience, and mental maturity essential for a quality hunting falcon.

At the end of each falcons hack pen period, the young birds are taken-up and “Manned” until collected or shipped to their falconer.

This is a very time consuming and costly exercise, but we make this extra effort to ensure that the falconer receives a well adjusted and physically perfect falcon.


To ensure that our breeding falcons are as healthy and content as possible, we have taken great care in the construction of our breeding chambers. Each is designed to allow exposure to the maximum of natural light whilst providing protection from the elements when required by the falcons.

All our aviaries are constructed from materials conducive with ease of maintenance, this allows for regular cleaning and high standards of hygiene essential for healthy falcons.