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A.I. Equipment (Artificial Insemination) Products Now Available

Artificial Insemination equipment now supplied by Avian Breeding visit: www.avianbreeding.co.uk


Made from stainless steel to exacting standards, this pipette is ideal for semen collection and handling.

Disposable plastic pipette tips available in packs of 100.

Eppendorfe Tubes

These disposable containers are ideal for semen storage with snap shut lids, available in packs of 100.

Semen Extender

This extender is ideal for use with raptor semen, not only to extend the volume of semen samples but also extends the usable life of the semen.

Available in boxes of 20 or 100 units.

Copulation Hats

These Latex hats are made to order, perfect for any size falcon and available in any colour. Made with the maximum number of indents to ensure semen collection and avoid smearing, durable and washable.

F10 Super Concentrate Disinfectant

F10 is an outstanding none corrosive disinfectant for use with all your equipment and chambers, effective with a wide range of bacteria, fungi and fungal spores.

Available in 100ml, 200ml and 1 litre volume, none irritating and biodegradable.

Contact Avian Breeding for further details.
Posted on February 18th, 2010 by Chris