“gamehawks for the modern Falconer”

From the outset of our breeding program, we at Armthorpe Falcons were determined to produce nothing but the highest quality hunting falcons. This has meant a “no compromise” attitude either in the falcons we use in our breeding program, the facilities we build or the nutrition we provide for our falcons.

Now after many years of dedicated work, we are producing some outstanding falcons of which we are rightly proud. Concentrating mainly on pure Gyr falcons and pure British Peregrines, we now offer a wide choice of bloodlines for the discerning falconer.

We also breed a limited number of hybrid falcons ranging from Gyr x Peregrines to 7/8th Gyr x Sakers, whatever the falconers choice of discipline or hunting style, we can provide the falcon best suited to your needs.

AI Equipment now available at www.avianbreeding.co.uk

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